One Day Tour:


La Anita Rainforest Chocolate Tour brings out the best of the cacao bean for you to enjoy in harmony with the surrounding rainforest. As the only farm in Costa Rica owned by a Costa Rican family that produce their own organic cacao, only La Anita provides the authentic opportunity to discover the magic behind the sweet flavor of chocolate. This tour will take you straight to the cacao pods of Upala, the region where La Anita is located, and guide you through the process to the ending product – fine morsels of dark chocolate for you to savor. Known as the Cacao Canton of Costa Rica, Upala also offers a rare, unique climate that allows several varieties of cacao to grow in the midst of rainforest and volcanoes. Sign up for this tour, and you'll enjoy a rare glimpse into one of Costa Rica's tastiest traditions in the way it was meant to be enjoyed – In a paradisal setting, with producers committed to sustainable practices, straight from the source.
- Tour required prior reservation
- Special price for La Anita Rainforest Ranch overnight guests

This is a very enriching experience that helps our guests to more deeply understand and delight in our Costa Rican culture!

Tour description:

Arrive to La Anita Rainforest Ranch, where you will be welcome by La Anita staff. Get yourself comfortable while we share the history of the Upala region, village and farm.
Journey into a diversified cacao orchard to see the cacao trees and witness the exciting first postharvest process, fermentation, and drying.
In the processing plant, you will see cacao transformed from dry beans to paste to artisan chocolate.
Witness the final magical transformation of chocolate paste to fine dark chocolate. Savor the final product, and you'll know – in the midst of a Costa Rican rainforest – why this is known as the "Food of the Gods"
After we have taught you the intricacies of creating off the scale chocolate for the ultra-discerning chocolate aficionado, all while surrounded by tropical flowers in a locale in the shadows of three massive volcanos surrounded by rainforest, we will treat you to a dining experience centering on traditional cuisine that utilizes the tastes and aroma of chocolate to inspire your senses. We bring heart of palm ceviche to you, probably for the first time in your life, we bring the enjoyment of taro chips, we will serve you beef in red wine and rosemary sauce and produce fresh from our organic gardens all accompanied by homemade ginger spiced lemonade and natural fruit juices. With chocolate flavors intertwined when you least expect it. All things to add to your list of gourmet experiences in life.

Continue the ride into the small town of Colonia Libertad, where you will be immersed in the sights and sounds of "tipico" Tico daily life.

Net price: 60$/ pax

What to bring: Closed shoes or boots. Raincoat or umbrella, bug spray, and camera.